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Personality Insights Seminar: Jan.26th

Personality Insights Seminar

Date: January 26th  9am-1pm (please arrive at 8:30am)

Who do you think you are? Participation involved discovering how God has wired you and others, how to understand your spouse more deeply. raise your children more lovingly, interact with coworkers, parents, friends, in fact, everyone you come into contact with better. Each one of us has been uniquely made, yet there are simple ways to understand how and why people are who they are.  

Location:  West Hills Community Church, 13250 South Outer 40 Road, Town and Country (just off the 40 access Road west of Mason).
Entry is at the back door of the church building next to the playground.

Food will be provided for adults and children.

Remember to bring your completed assessments with you.

Click here for more information about "Insights to You" seminars and Craig Venard (the facilitator).