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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter of West County Pres.


New Sermon Series

This last week  Pastor Jordan Dayoub continued preaching part 2 of his 3 part series on, "Stewarding Our Time, Talent, and Treasures." The title was, "Stewarding Our Talents", with sermon text from 1 Peter 4:7-11.  Stay tuned for part 3!


A Note for Children and Families

Dear friends and families, 

    The Westminster Confession of Faith was originally written in the 17th century to communicate church doctrine. Even today, we celebrate and refer to these statements of belief. In chapter 8 of the WCF, we read about Jesus as the second person of the Trinity. Chapter 8 describes Jesus in this way, "In the fullness of time (Jesus) took on himself the nature of man, with all the essential qualities and ordinary frailties of man - except that he was sinless."

We have reason to celebrate because Jesus remained sinless for us. As you already know, everyone who believes in Jesus is Justified before God the Father. Paul says in 2 Cor 5:21, "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."

This last Sunday, our kids learned that Jesus remained sinless for us. That fact gives our kids and all of us reason to celebrate and to worship Him.

With Blessings and Prayers,

Dean Hollenbeck
Children & Family Ministry Director
West County Presbyterian Church

Connect Groups: "Reaching in"


     Good news!  Our connect groups have resumed.  If you are not already, you can get involved with one.  The connect groups meet on Sunday afternoons at 12:30 pm or Sunday evenings starting at 6:30 pm - each meeting twice a month .  Sign up sheets for the Connect Groups will be in the lobby of the YMCA. Please take the time and sign up to engage with your fellow WCP families in this way.   



Christmas Eve (Past) at the Ring's

 The Ring’s hosted a wonderful Christmas Eve devotional at their house. It was a great time of lessons, carols, and fellowship.   See picture below.









"Reaching Out" 

Operation Food Search was a success!

   A good number of us met Tuesday evening, December 4th, and spent the evening helping Operation Food Search.   Time: 5:15pm

We spent a few hours helping in two ways.

First: we sorted hundreds and hundreds of various types of bread.  That way local food closets can come in to the food bank and find exactly what they need to serve their clientielle. 

At the same time, a number of ladies made dozens of table decorations.  The Food Bank is hosting a dinner and needed help getting the tables looking good for the occassion.  

It was a great night helping out and watching each other in action - another fun way to connect with each other as we served Christ in the process.





Listen to Past Sermons


     Did you miss last weeks sermon?  Did a particular sermon touch your heart?  Do not fret! Click here and click "Listen Online" and you will have access to past sermons, from various preachers.  Take advantage of this valuable resource.




Text to Give

WCP is now set up to receive tithes and offerings via text messaging. So if you are interested in this option to give, follow these steps to take part in Text-To-Give:

1. Send an amount (example: $5 or $1.00) to the short code 84321. This is a shared short code used by other churches in your area.
2. If the number isn't set up for text-to-give, a setup link will be sent back. Tap the setup link to be guided to the next step.
3. Select your church. A list of churches in the area will be suggested. If your phone number is recognized by Planning Center Giving, the appropriate church will be listed as a "Suggested" organization. (Use "63017" to locate WCP.)
4. Enter your email address and, if prompted, your name.
5. Enter the payment method you'd like to use for text-to-give. If you're already a donor and you've added a payment method before (say, a bank account for ACH or a credit card) then you can optionally log in to access your saved payment methods.


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