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Women's Ministry



Women's Christmas Celebration

What a GREAT time we shared tonight (12/13).  Quite a large number of us gathered together and enjoyed a wonderful evening together.
Secret sisters were revealed!
Joy Baskets were shared.
Courtney Doctor did an amazing job as she shared Scripture from a Redemptive-historical point of view. We can see why she is a popular speaker with The Gospel Coalition.  Her topic: "And Now for the Rest of the Story

And the meal - what a great meal we enjoyed - catered by Taco Circus (click here for info).    

Thanks to all who planned this wonderful women's fellowship event.  This was an excellent way to connect with people we did not know, and to renew connections with those we already did. 



Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters began November 11th.  The unveiling took place Wednesday Dec 13th at our Women's Christmas Celebration  Presents are all in!  Gifts have been opened.  

 Stay tuned.  

Our plans for the 2019 Women's Ministry will be posted soon after the first of the year



  • Below are some pics from our Women's "Cooking, Eating and Salsa Dancing" evening together



Ladies: Cooking, Eating, and Salsa Dancing!– Image 1 of 10



Click here for a few pictures from our (11/4) "Field Trip to Soulard's"

Click here for "Let's Chop with Concert" (11/18/17)

Dec 2017 Women's Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2017– Image 1 of 18